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Item No. HY-350

Product Name: Mixer




The pug mill is a mixing the material for the extrusion machine


Item No. HY/SP-90H, HY/SP-110H

Product Name: PP/ Hdpe High Speed Flat Yarn Extrusion Line


The extrusion machine is designed for producing PP/HDPE flat yarn. Maximum PP melting output. Capacity is 100-150&200-300 kg.hr, and the unit is equipped with a tube filter and rotary blade slitting system. The machine has less down time and prevents production loss. The pressure rollers of the take-off unit are pneumatically controlled, and have synchronized control electronic system. European screw, gearbox, static mixer, auto screen filter changer and human machinery interface fibrillator are available to meet special requirements

  • Tensile strength 4.5kg-5kg per 1.000 Denier
    Special request 6.5kg per 1.000 Denier
  • Flat yarn denier : 700-1.500 Denier
    Special request : 1.000-6.000 Denier
  • Stretching Ratio : 3-9 Times
  • Quenching system : water bath or chill roll


Item No. : HY-4CL/800, HY-6CL/960, HY-6CL/1200

Product Name: Circular Loom


he 4 & 6 shuttles circular loom is special design for woven bag & cement bag industry.
  • Working range from 35-110cm/70-220cm unfold width
  • Flat yarn applicable weaving denier from 600-2000 denier
  • Fabric weight per square meter from 50g~200g

    Optional device :
  • Human Machinery interfacer
  • Gusseting device
  • Frequency inverter for controlling machine speed
  • Frequency inverter for controlling weft yarn weaving density
  • Center unfold device with extra large winder for cement bag industry


Item No. HY-12CLA

Product Name: Application Mainly for Tarpaulin, Geo-Textile


The Looms can achieve weaving weight per sqaure meter up to 450g by special order requirement. The

weaving width capacity is from 240cm to 315cm ( double lay flat width).

The fabric strip of weft & warp position ( size 5cm (W) *30cm (L) ) has high tenacity up to 360kgs.

Applicant of Geo-textiles are : Reinforcing of rail way, road, and bridge construction.

Allows for the strengthening and protection of sloping terrain, river beds and waterfront areas.

Item No. : HY-4CL/OB

Product Name : Net Woven Fabric, 4 Shuttle Circular Loom


The HY-4CL/OB net woven fabric bag circular loom performs tubular net style weaving, using PP & HDPE yarn. It is for producing sunshade net fabric and net fabric for vegetable, fruit and onion bags, etc... This machine is also equipped with auto stop system and operation as easy as normal bag weaving machines.

Item No. : DS-4

Product Name: Liner Insertion Circular Loom


The Liner Insertion Circular Loom especial designed for inner lamination woven bag production. Applied the state-of -the art Liner Insertion Device on her advanced technology of circular loom manufacturing , offering high efficiency and quality while producing inner lamination woven bags, which fulfills the inquiries of high throughput, low loss, low cost, minimum laborer and etc.

The inner lamination bags have neater and excellent features. Lamination layer was protected by the woven fabric therefore sealing function is enhanced, good adhesive for printing ink, anti-slippery effect on bag surface is retained, given controllable lamination thickness. As a result of all these qualities, process loss and laborer can be minimized; while producing high operating efficiency.  The inner lamination bags are now widely utilized in high value added product such as Chemical, Plastic, Agricultural and Food material packaging , and meanwhile its range of utility is still growing steadily.

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