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 CL-901   Single Color Machine   單色印鐵機



機  型     Machine Type CL-901
機械產能     Machine Speed 80 sheets / min
鐵皮最大尺寸            Max. Sheet Size 1,100 x 965 mm
鐵皮最小尺寸            Min. Sheet Size 720 x 580 mm
鐵皮最大厚度            Max. Sheet Thickness 0.4 mm
鐵皮最小厚度            Min. Sheet Thickness 0.18 mm
最大印刷面積            Max. Printing Area 1,080 x 960 mm
印刷板尺寸                Press plate Size 1,105 x 1,100 x 0.3 mm
印刷橡膠皮尺寸       Blanket Size 1,300 x 1,090 x 1.9 mm
印刷機主機馬達        Main Motor (Printing) AC Servo Motor 7,500 w
進料機馬達                Feeder Motor AC Servo Motor 2,900 w
送料機升降                Feeder Ascending Motor 1,500 w
真空幫浦                    Vacuum Pump 5,625 w
空氣壓縮機                Air Compressor 3,750 w
烘爐連結馬達            Oven Linkage Motor SCR Motor 2,250 w
總重量                        Total Weight 15 Tons
本機(長 x 寬 x 高)      Total Height L 9,010 x W 3,100 x H 2,520 mm
安裝地板面積             Required Floor Area L 9,010 W4,500 mm
包裝                             Shipment Package 40' Feet HQ Container


   > The guard pallet of feeder is attached with scale. It is easy and quick to adjust stack at the middle position.
   > Double sheet detector excludes dual sheets accurately.
       > The feeder is drove by AC servo motor.   The feeder's speed can be made up for coating machine by micro adjustor.

> Printing machine possess dust-cleaning roller.
            > Adopt of digital control. No shaft transmitting.
> Conveyor delivery device is automatic position setting, operation easily.
> Automatic feeder possesses two vacuum pumps. Adopt of sucking disk to absorb sheets and parallel feeding device.

> Impression cylinder is durable and the surface is harden treating and fine grinding.

> Six grippers, margin 4mm.
     > Using converter motor to synchronize printing machine and oven (without transmission shaft). Inserting sheets in wickets precisely.

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