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 Plastic Injection Machinery               

Product Name: Common Features Plastic Injection Molding Machines


* Microprocessor controller provides 100 sets of molding data memory and
  self- diagnostic function.

* Multiple-stage shot and pressure control.

*Microprocessor control system combined with backlight on LCD display.

*Five -year file protection and no data loss in case of power failure.

*Trouble-diagnosis and diagnostic display.

*Electrical components are CE certified.


* High quality injection screw features superior mix refinement and maximum wear resistance.

* Screw length/ screw diameter=20/1 , high efficiency of molten plastic.

*Injection and storage are controlled by precision precision liner transducer.

*Accumulator type high speed injection circuit. (Optional equipment)

*Anticorrosion bimetal screw. (Optional equipment)


*Hopper loader is standard.

* Five -point double toggle system assures fast and smooth clamping motions.

*The hydraulic circuit and electric circuit safety devices and adjacent free safety
   bar provide maximum safety protection for operator.

*High-speed power clamping mold circuit reduces cycle time and saves power.

* Low pressure mold clamping for mold protection.


*Mold clamping stroke is controlled by precision linear transducer.

*Outside mounted oil filter screen for convenient cleaning. Equipped with magnet
   to prevent metal from entering the hydraulic system.

*Employing proportional flow control system ensuring high-accuracy, low power
  consumption and stable system performance. (For models under SW-350B)

*Silent and power saving pump is driven by high efficiency motor.

* Integrated hydraulic circuit provides convenient servicing and reduced oil temperature,
   and prevents loss.

* Power saving type pump is optional.


* Centralized current output indication meters
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