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 CL-903A   Coating Machine    塗佈機



機  型     Machine Type CL-903A
機械產能     Machine Speed 90 sheets / min
鐵皮最大尺寸            Max. Sheet Size 1,100 x 965 mm
鐵皮最小尺寸            Min. Sheet Size 720 x 580 mm
鐵皮最大厚度            Max. Sheet Thickness 0.4 mm
鐵皮最小厚度            Min. Sheet Thickness 0.18 mm
塗佈輪直徑                Lacquering Cylinder Diameter 380 mm
塗佈輪寬度                Lacquering Cylinder Width 1,100 mm
塗佈機主機馬達        Main Motor (Coater) AC Servo Motor 7,500 w
進料機馬達                Feeder Motor AC Servo Motor 2,900 w
塗料平坦馬達            Lacquer Evering Motor AC Servo Motor 750 w
送料機升降                Feeder Ascending Motor 1,500 w
真空幫浦                    Vacuum Pump 5,625 w
空氣壓縮機                Air Compressor 2,250 w
烘爐連結馬達            Oven Linkage Motor SCR Motor 2,250 w
總重量                        Total Weight 10 Tons
本機(長 x 寬 x 高)      Total Height L 9,700 x W 3,100 x H 1,850 mm
安裝地板面積             Required Floor Area L 9,700 W4,500 mm
包裝                             Shipment Package 40' Container


> Coating equipment can varnish tinplate and aluminum sheet.
> Conveyor device is automatic position setting, operation easily.
       > The feeder is drove by AC servo motor.   The feeder's speed can be made up for coating machine by micro adjustor.

> Automatic feeder possesses two vacuum pumps. Adopt of sucking disk to absorb sheets and parallel feeding device.
>  Adopt of digital control. No shaft transmitting.
> Using converter motor to synchronize coating machine and oven (without transmission shaft) Inserting sheets in wickets precisely.
       > Adopt of forward gripper to gripe sheet with high coating precision.

> Inspected sheet insert conveyor belt without error.
   > The guard pallet of feeder is attached with scale. It is easy and quick to adjust stack at the middle position.
   > Double sheet detector excludes dual sheets accurately.
              > Roller regulator designed to adjust evenness of coating paint.

> Dual-scraper device. The front is steel scraper and the rear is plastic scraper, ensure no coating paint left.

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