Building Protection Panels     
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XPS Sheet Production Line




1 XPS 135/150 XPS Extrusion EPS Foamed Sheet Production Line

A Automatic Feeding System

Feeding form                   Automatic feeding machine

Model                                JG-SL500

Transmission capacity  500kg/h

B First extrusion system            

(1)Nitrigen-treated barrel          one set

Diameter                       Phi 135mm

Material                        38 CrMohAl high quality alloy steel through
        the permeability nitrogen treatment  

Heading section               7 area

Heating mode                 Cast aluminum heater

Heating power                50kw


Diameter                       Phi 135mm

Material                        38 CrMoAl high quality alloy steel through permeability nitrogen treatment

Screw speed               0-50r/min

(3)Working platform                   one set

Material                         steel welding

Escalator                      one

(4)Drive motor

Drive motor                 Ac motor      Origin:Shanghai Zhongtian

Drive power                      75kw

The way of speed adjustment         Variable frequency speeed regulation


Type                     Special gear box of plastic mechanical hard tooth face

Gear material       High quality alloy steel through permeability nitrogen and gear grinding process

C Foaming agent injection system      Origin :Zhejiang Ailipu or Hangzhou

Type of foaming agent                   HCFC

Way of injection                              Injected by high pressure measuring

Device of injection                         Piston type high precise metering pump

The biggest injection pressure              40mpa

Injection quantity adjust                 Piston travel adjustment frequency conversion adjustment

The driving type                        Ac motor

Drive power                             4kw

Quantity of injection                      63l/h

The maximum travel                     50mm

D Hydraulic Change Net System

Way of change net               Hydraulic automatically change

Form of pump drive            Ac motor

Power of pump drive            4kw

The biggest pressure of pump      10mpa

Number of sheet                  Two

Mode of heating              Stainless steel electric heating \

Power of heating                 6kw

E Second Extrusion System

Nitrogen-treat                   barrel

Diameter                      Phi  150mm

Material                     38 CrMoAl high quality alloy steel though nitriding and surface infiltrltration nitrogen trearment

Section of heating            7 Area

\mode of heating             Cast aluminum electric heater

Way of cooling               Spray water cooling

Power of heating              52kw

Way of cooling                Spray water cooling


Diameter                         Phi 150mm

The ratio of length anf diameter     34:1

    Material                   38 CrMoAl nitrifying and surface inflicatration nitrogen tteatment

Speed                         0.25r/min

Driver motor           

Type of driving                 Ac motor

Power of driver                  55kw

Way of speed adjustment         Variable frequency speed regulation


Form              Special gear box of plastic machinery


Gear material    High quality alloy steel through surface permeability  nitrogen and gear ginding process

 The box material      The iron material surface hardening treatment

F Extrusion Head and Model\

Form of head            Form 7 XPS sheet special material \

Power of oil pumb           1,5 kw

Heating section of head         5 Area

Type of head heating         electric heating and oil temperature control

Power of head heating               4.5kw

Mould temperature controller        one ser

Way of temperature control        PZP Intelligent control

Range of temperature control        30-160

Heating power                      10kw

Medium flow                   25l/h

Thickness of extrusion plate        20-80 mm is adjustable

Material of mould                Good quality steel mold

G  Finalize the Device

Way of finalize the design              Template design

Way of adjust                           3D regulation

Driver power                        1.1kw*2

H  First Traction System            

Drawing method                 Four roll parallel traction 250

Number of traction roller              3

Traction roll adjusting method     Pheumatic adjustment and adjustable trip

Traction roller length                 1200mm

Adjustment range of traction thickness     0-120 mm

Driving  type                          Ac motor

Way of speed ajusdtment           variable frequency speed regulation

Driver power                         2.2kw

Reducer form                    Cysloidal pinwheel

I  Transmission transportation cooling system

Number of drive roler                   15

Material of drive roller             Stainess steel

Cooling system                     Natural cooling

Length of cooling frame              2.5 meter

J  Second traction system   

Drawing method                   Parallel traction

Number of traction roller              one

Method of traction roll adjustment       Pneumatic adjustment and adjustable trip

Velocity of traction linear                 0.5 to 10 m/min

The driving type                         Ac motor

The speed adjustment way       variable frequency speed regulation

Drive power                         1.5kw

Reducer foem                      Cycloidal pinwheel

K Longitudinal cutting system

Cutting way                        Cutting balades type                                        

Number of cutting saw                   two sets

Thickness of cutting                20-60mm

L Transverse cutting system

Cutting way                 Electric furnace cutting \

Thickness of cutting         20-100mm


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